FOOLISH SHOW / Poem by Dr. Jernail S. Aanand

Poem by Dr. Jernail S.  Aanand



A bullet is very discreet
When it approaches our ramparts
But it loses all scruples as it leaves the body.

How secret it was! a surprise for the planets
when I was transplanted
into the womb of life

I have to see on my way out
whether I have the
cosmic powder
how big a cleft is caused in the waters
And winds

Or the waters turn seamless
Once I am in

And the winds keep blowing
Without singing a doleful hymn
For me.

If winds turn silent
As if nothing has transpired
And the silent souls
Waiting in the trees
Stir not.

No consequence.
Nothing to nothing has returned.
The world remains

Only I do not realize
The folly of my flesh.

I reserved all rights.
I didnt want people to know
It was all a foolish show.

Dr j s anand
Copyright reserved 2016.

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