Dr. George Onsy as the member of the Editorial Advisory Board / Sahitya Anand

Dr. George Onsy as the member of the Editorial Advisory Board.


We ,at #SahityaAnand gladly welcome Dr George Onsy as the member of the Editorial Advisory Board.

George Onsy – Egypt
George Onsy is an established Egyptian poet, writer and artist. Born in Cairo, Dec. 21, 1953. He lives in Cairo, and is serving at present as a Professor of Technical English and Technical Writing at the Egyptian-Russian University, Cairo as well as teaching the History of Art and Architecture at other academies.
His works of poetry and art has been published in many international anthologies and he has been awarded several times for his works, in Italy, Ghana, through Pentasi B, India, through WFP and Sicily as well as receiving The international Award; THE ICON OF PEACE, from the WIP, World Institute for Peace in Nigeria, April 2017. He has also served as an international Jury Member for several world contests. He is, at present, an acting international director at the WUP; World Union of Poets, an acting admin for them for more than 60 countries/cities and an admin at PENTASI B WORLD FRIENDSHIP POETRY as well as being an acting member at the Italian International Association VERBUMLANDIART and a Board Member at the American international association FEELING INTERNATIONAL.
His book VOICES FROM ETERNITY, a joined book to which he was invited to be co-author with the great professor and poet Dr. Jernail S. Anand, displays many of his poems and artworks. His recent book of 108 poems and artworks is now under print in New Delhi, India with the appreciated initiative of the Nobel Prize’s Nominee Dr. Madan Gandhi, one of the leading writers, poets and thinkers of India.
George diligently tries to establish new effective approaches to World Peacemaking and Human Solidarity, especially through the leading Facebook group page he founded more than 5 years ago, AWAKENING-صحوة, which is an Arab International forum for discussing, analyzing and facing the Arab World’s crisis and challenges menacing the whole world. He also works hard to create through his works a holistic awareness of our Eternal Existence starting in the Here and Now, an approach that has found wide acceptance among people of different religious backgrounds, hence, reuniting them following the message of the One God to work for the good of mankind. He has presented these studies with his related artworks in the USA, Canada, UK, France, Switzerland, Austria, Cyprus, Italy, Egypt and Lebanon.
He has successfully presented these studies for many years at local, regional and international forums, being an active board member of Egypt’s Office of the international UN-EU’s consultant association; MRA/IFC, Moral Rearmament/Initiatives for Change Association founded in Europe after World War I. This association, especially its Egypt’s Office, has greatly helped spread the urgently needed message of the acclaimed Nigerian peacemaking/conflict resolution activists, the Imam and the Pastor.
The spectrum of George’s contribution is as wide as to embrace also his thesis theory; A GEOMETRICAL APPROACH TO PROBLEM SOLVING in which he created an innovative model for visualizing problems/crisis of high complexity in order to accelerate and facilitate the solving diagnosis, analysis and decision making. George has created a fully visualized system for teaching languages.
He has worked for many years as a media consultant, analyst and developer for an international satellite TV, creating his own program on spiritual-cultural researches.

Thank you,
#Sahitya Anand

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