The empty wish / Poem by Sehma Helaa

Poem by Sehma Helaa
The empty wish
we can never keep what has never been to us
The shivering hand can never seem healthy seeds
what has been reaped by thy whim
does justify your deeds
I find in thy paintings
an empty pillow
I got that haze you are special
I got that haze you have healthy wigs
I wanted to quench an unfathomable thirst
I wanted to land and step fast
The haze in you drained my will
What I do find an ugly lust and
a hallow stream that barely feeds
that crave for a rosy room
we can never go beyond the threshold
that door hold golden locks and silky lies
Engulf your darkened spirit
go and preach in thy dome ;
ask a mercy , plead forgiveness
a restful sleep is all that , thy heinous
core needs
sept 2017

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