Hues Of Love / Poem by Lily Swarn

Poem by Lily Swarn
Hues Of Love
The hues of love are never garish or in your face
They are muted tones of ethereal shades
Swimming with powerful strokes across
Deadly swamps of sinister strokes
The colours of love beam from the ether
Feathery flashes of fecund flamingoes
Painted in vibrant values
Her honour , her respect , her pride
Doused in shades of your murmured love
Whispered by the north wind that hints of tulips deep in the valleys of longing
The predictable pinks never yell from the red roof tops
The trembling turquoise slips on ring fingers
Teasing the chestnut brown of her tresses
The fluid passion of subdued orange inflames the embers in the hearth
The crimson spills on Snow White pigeons
While the wine dances In her inebriated eyes
Let the rainbow arched yearningly in the sky
Hold the diamond prisms of true love
Let the tuberose spread its heady fragrance
And let the world wonderingly inhale
For love has numerous shades we know
Each more sacred than the other one
And each lily petal more divine
Copyright Lily Swarn 13.9.2017
Lily Swarn

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