Declutter? / Poem by Lily Swarn

Poem by Lily Swarn
Rummaging through drawers
can be full of surprises I know
Yet the wise owls of psychology
insist on decluttering
Throw ,throw ,throw away they advise
How can you toss out a life of giggles that impishly smiles at you from the edge of your overstuffed drawer ?
The tiara of ribbons that your eleven year old classmate made for you
Sitting in the Hindi class ,with a big book open on our desks ?
Or that plastic bauble in neon green that you picked up from the fair in the hills
That memorable vacation in salubrious vales perfumed with pine scents
How can you let it go ?
The chipped glass marble with a yellow centre that you won from the cocky little brat who lived down the lane
That marble sits in silent repose in a neglected corner
A memory of a tiny but important victory
A moth eaten muffler of suspicious wool curled up beneath the socks
A touch of warmth that your aunt signified ,a symbol of her love
Affectionately hand knitted for the winter walks to school
The dog eared greeting card that your best friend sent on a birthday
Before she let you down ?
A constant lesson of faithfulness from one who knew no loyalty
I keep it ever close to me
The frayed Gota( gold ribbon) of your grandma’s wedding gift to you
” puttar eh meri ma Da dupatta hai”( it’s my mother’s scarf ) she had told me as she gave me her ring on her death bed
“I know you loved it as a girl “, she said .
Where do you take this bundle of sacred memories ?
You can only keep them in your brimming heart
For who has ever taken anything along ?
Leave my drawers cluttered O Ye wise ones ….
Copyright Lily Swarn 12.9.2017

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