CONCEPTION OF LIFE / Poem by Pranju Gogoi

Poem by Pranju Gogoi
Life here on this earth a heavenly blessing forever,
Travelling along the path of life adventurously with pure nurture,
From birth to death life really is full of marvellous wonder,
Searching for real humanity hidden in everyone’s heart for grandeur.
Conception of life really a great open book to read by all,
With a mind full of marvellous sacrifice and generosity of love for all,
When time of life becomes full of lively pleasure,
The great birth on this earth to serve lovely mother.
Here and there everywhere real essence of lofty love in everyone’s heart,
Yet almost all the time in our busy running we ignore most,
And play hide and seek happily with life in ordinary playground for enjoyment,
Then life really becomes a dry wood without birds’ accompaniment.
Grandeur of life always felt in sacred love splendidly,
The source of longevity and generosity of holy living in this world,
Binding all pages of everyone into one common book properly,
Establishing potent unity in diversification through powerful deed.
If life starts from the core of heart and soul honestly to wander,
Then this world wonderfully becomes a heaven with magnificent nurture of nature,
To go hand in hand with adventurous travelling forever,
The ultimate source of peace and pleasure that we all are eager ever.
By Pranju Gogoi
All rights reserved

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