Poems by Manthena Damodara Chary

Poems by Manthena Damodara Chary
Birth creates dearth of mirth on the earth
My heart yearns earnestly for great mirth
Strife is rife in life for producing rare grief
There is no let out when it can not be brief
Attitude nurtured never brings me rapture
Relations ruptured torture us all in capture
How I can seek freedom when I am a slave
Situations are penned for turning me brave
Painted smiles pouring perversity in hiding
Never source our welfare. with fact abiding
Words wrangled get all our worth strangled
We see beyond measure all mirth mangled
Simulated story of glory is the loss of glory
It is entangled with actions grievously gory
Virulently vexing me with vulnerable victory
I am fed up with all distanced from history
Descend on earth from Heaven for my sake
To embrace me estranging all realities fake
Let us ascend to Heaven far from all dearth
Let my departure create all rapture on earth
I feel elated that I pine for cutely cold kiss
All miseries of existence are swept amiss
Inglorious tears aggravate all intense fears
I never bear the brunt of inferno that sears
Let my sleep in eternity not make all weep
I hear abominably uproarious weep’s beep
Shunning maladies yields stunning trends
Let us fly into the starry sky leaving bends
Manthena Damodara Chary
All rights reserved
You should creep when you can not leap
You can leap loftily as you learn to creep
Life depends on the exercise of choices
Distancing devilishly disparaging voices
Stupendous striving leads to lofty living
There is no thriving without rare striving
Vexing talk and stroll are good riddance
Earnest endurance exhibits its elegance
You can nurture aplomb to win the game
All situations arising in life are not same
Braving risks for rapturous resplendence
You grow sure of spiritual independence
Enormous endeavor adds to living flavour
Each auspicious thing goes in your favour
You should enrich all ecstasy of existence
Without relying solely on other assistance
Manthena Damodara Chary
All rights reserved
Manthena Damodara Chary
( My imagination glows with the flow of innocuous innovativeness. The poem exemplifies my earnest endeavour to express exquisite emotions enlivening my enthusiasm ecstatically)
Manthena, you are a poet of prominence
You awaken imagination in rare elegance
You certainly script with.splendid striving
Rhyme and rhythm rich in poetic thriving
You seize me for shaping wondrous verse
How my loyal love for you do turn adverse
My nib creates your glory in golden letters
I care for you with my lustrous love letters
You seem scared of your wonderful wife
My love letter for you may foment a strife
What is wrong if you wed me with all love
When you pray to polygamist gods above
Let us sift our differences without any rift
Our genuine ove gives many .ideals. a lift
A poet and a pen can prove a cute couple
Demonstrating to the world things supple
When people’s hearts blaze with inane ire
I fuel the mind to fly with two wings of fire
I defend you against menacing misfortune
Procuring predominance of poetic fortune
Let us entwine souls in love without a fight
Bearing blissfully a peerless poem at night
We nourish them with all affluent affection
They encounter not any criticism’s affliction
Let enraptured minds embrace great verse
Let ink flow with your rare glow in universe
Poetry can cascade quelling all intolerance
Let us hug hostility for all exalted existence
Your physical remains are dwindled to dust
My metallic body can be rendered into rust
Let us cherish eternal life as soaring souls
Realising rapturously all our genuine goals
Manthena Damodara Chary
All rights are reserved

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