Poems by Syedah Maryam Iqbal

Poems by Syedah Maryam Iqbal
Paints in Life
Have you ever seen the paint-less pictures?
They resemble the lives of unfortunate
Who lose all the colors of their life frame.
They perceive that they have nothing to claim,
like a living stone that is not to blame.
The colors left on the frame are black and white.
The darkness of black is always there to bite,
But they should not ignore the flight,
That they can enjoy with the white.
They should leave alone the hate paint,
And should adore the humane paint,
That retains its texture and substrate for the ultimate.
Deceptive Heart
With the inconsistent beat
The heart is ever ready to cheat
To take away the soul from heat
To give it a breathtaking treat
To make it a foreigner
with no rights former.
The swindler’s deception
Is met with warm reception
as eternal freedom is unparalleled
to any caged existence spelled.
The imprisoned dweller enjoys never ending ecstasy
After ending of its captivity by the deceptive embassy.
Clumsy Relationships
Living with you for millions of years
To seek support and blood supply,
They remain close clumsily,
Just for their own survival.
Showing you that they are very dear and near,
But actually very far and quite distant,
Within the same premises,
But actually very far and quite distant,
With the availability of an option,
Of a separate survival,
Finding another shade and blood bank,
They take milliseconds to liberate themselves,
Of your love, care and devotion,
By just negating,
Your efforts of millions of years,
By exclaiming about their captivity,
By shrieking about your exploitation,
By rejecting everything that once provided them,
with the life energy, the very source of survival.

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