Dr. Shivputra Shivraj Kanade

Dr Shivputra Shivraj Kanade
A teacher, poet, painter, photographer, printer, editor, publisher and administrator, Dr Shivputra Shivraj Kanade (B. 08.06.1973) is blessed with multi-dimensional personality. He is an author and editor of more than a dozen standard books on Indian English Literature, ELT and Higher Education. He has had a brilliant academic record. He is an orator and organizer of several academic and literary events.
Principal Advisor of Vishwabharati Research Centre (VRC) and Sahitya Anand (SA), Dr. Kanade is Member of several academic forums, editorial boards, organizations and an active researcher. Under his guidance, more than 500 books and 20 different journals have been published by VRC and SA since 2010, which are circulated worldwide. He has extensively published research papers and articles in both national and international leading journals and widely acclaimed critical anthologies.
He is Editor of several scholarly UGC approved research journals: Thematics, Sahitya Anand, Social Science Reporter, Indian Literature and Culture Today, Bulletin of Indian Society and Culture, Thematics English Criticism, Research Arena and Thematics Journal of Commerce and Management.
A widely travelled person, Dr. Kanade is Faculty at Shri Madhavrao Patil Mahavidyalaya, Murum Dt. Osmanabad affiliated to Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar Marathwada University, Auranagabad (MS) India. He is actively engaged in supervising PhD scholars from the both sides of Atlantic. He is noted for his highly developed literary sensibility, excellent critical judgment and proper grasp of literature. He is a recipient of several prestigious awards. He is actively engaged in academic and socio-cultural activities and associated with several associations at global level.
Currently, he is working on a mega project, Vishwabharati Companion to Literature in English, a voluminous edited anthology with special reference to Indian authors.
For the detailed information, you can visit at http://www.drsskanade.com
We are the world
Let’s make it a better place to live in,
We are the world
Let’s strive to achieve peace within.
We are the world
Banish war and ignorance,
We are the world
Let’s embrace mankind in every sense.
We are the world
Let’s rid of hunger, thirst and pain,
We are the world
Let no man live in vain.
We are the world
We are the children,
We make this earth
We should love our Mother where we have taken birth.
I want to say something
But I cannot say aloud
I want to stand out
Fearless in a crowd.
I want to say something
Wish I could say
How much blessed I feel
To be amidst you this day.
I want to say something
That nothing can stop me
From achieving all what I want
And forever loving thee.
I want to say something
That I love you from the bottom of my heart
And I promise from you shall I never depart.
My dear Brothers and Sisters
A big Hello to you all
Warm Welcome to my motherland
To this Pentasi B World Poetry so happy and grand.
I wish to spread this message of love
May peace prevail on all of you,
Sending you all love and light,
Meeting you is such a soul’s delight.
Dear Brothers and Sisters
Let’s unite and form a strong bond,
Let’s banish all war and strife
Colour each other’s life.
Dear Brothers and Sisters
Through this wonderful mega event,
I wish to say this too
Blessed and lucky I’m to be a part of you.


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