PEACE / Poem by By Pranju Gogoi

Poem by By Pranju Gogoi
Peace is the divine plant grown in the field of humanity to shine every birth here in this world,
That we nurture with pure love and care to make our lives affluently grateful and glorfied,
Yet sometimes it is thrashed severely whose heart and soul lost in the desert where travellers are in search of an oasis,
And with broken hearts people come out to witness catastrophic consequences.
Yet,again charged with novel hopes and dreams start to rear the plant carefully,
And then gradually splendiferous flowers bloom magnificently,
With fragranced flowers the plant inspire everyone to enlighten the hearts and souls splendidly,
Where heavenly peacefulness and generosity of true spirit develop pompously.
Disasters many more rearing it for the foundation of new generation and future generations,
Yet solutions for saving humanity are really in us,
That beautify our world marvelously and sometimes we are blind to this heavenly gift in worries,
So pitiful state of life that envelopes our sky of mind sometimes.
Peace,peace,yea peace is in us to shine world of all people,
Let’s be one beyond infinity wholeheartedly to make our lives easier and simpler than ever,
As mother nature teaches in our childhood to love all and serve all,
The unique motto of life’s marvellous adventure forever.
By Pranju Gogoi
All rights reserved

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