Poems by Claudia Piccinno

Poems by Claudia Piccinno
The incautious word
The incautious word
She tickled ill-concealed resentment,
the anger exploded
Where the lynx grazed
The others’ false kindness
swallowed purity
Of a bitter deaf, true listening
And I worried,
I would love to pray oh Peace!
I wondered about it
In search of the true,
I resilient
Among the lies of others.
I picked thorns in bundles
Not to have surrendered
To the liar of the moment,
I looked at him…
to Sprinkle petals around her
who married her own truth
To have a pure better look.
I did not bend, time did the rest.
Madame Plastic pissed them all
In a comfortable opinion,
In mediatic smiles
she recovered opportunities.
Only the incautious verb
Was my mate
And one day I’ll triumph
my self being reflected in the glass.
Tunnel without exit
in the mind and in the soul,
sealed by silence
made as concrete.
Lost the light,
shattered the way,
wrecked the joy.
the misplaced trust
amplifies the dark paths,
the strict ways of solitude
become roadways
to the deaf chime
of derision.
One day she will be reborn,
flower in the stony ground,
and to the brambles she will rend the thorns.

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