I can’t anymore… / Poem by Raimonda Moisiu

Poem by Raimonda Moisiu


I can’t anymore…

Every day I see women violated, raped,
like cadavers floating on the waters
off sinking boat,
thrown away from the bed of flash greed,
passion, bloody drops.

My feeling the same,as if swiming to death,
As if going through Scribes and Caribes,
To meet the duels with the sea beasts.
I feel the cracks and bites in my body,
all painful!

Wondering:bringing me to the eternal silence,
To burial place!
Feeling every day losing my energy,
Like quivering candle to survive its light,
in the face of the wind and darkness of violence.

Oh Lord!I only wish I had power !
I can’t anymore…
endure the deceiving words,
sweeping away my body‘s desires,
and the depth of my secrets….
How shocking is this fear,
rocking my eyes!

I can’y anymore ..
enjoy the birds tweet,
the children sing across streets.
Want to breathe, to feel wind’s breeze,
coming from the deep breathings,
of the spreading scent of sweet basils.

I feel everything burning deep in my heart,
around my name.
Want to get rid of deception of
the dark oasis of love’s betrayers,
of streams of promises,
that beautify the bed of deception.
I can’t anymore!

Raimonda MOISIU
Jacksonville, Florida


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