Poems by Subhendu Kar

Poems by Subhendu Kar



Oh where are you !
the limitless spring of blue
as flecks of flame mill into void of darkness to hide
like watery mellow reels into vortex of convergence to disown
for quest to jag into quotient of time in curve of cosmos.

sleepless shadow shambles to trammel onto petered oblivion
eyes of panorama pique up into minerates of hue to meander
warmth of intimacy oscillates to reeve onto edgeless green ramping over flux of gravity
for infinite path to parade onto eternity
like assonance of milky way to march through spumed void onto dregs of hued white moon

in between love and hatred alchemy lambasts of being lone silence.




Eyes brim to veer onto truth to tune,
Innocence ensures
enlightened pride of proclivity to adore reality,
Elegance walks through spark of beauty.



New moments await to ripple
like impulsion into vortex of velocity of flame,
tiding ocean merges into gravity of night by cry of joy,
cosmic convergence of blissful world by hued soul verging into breath of blossom promises to prologue.

pristine panorama of creation fluxes to flow towards dawn of east
by new sun,
heart seeks to conquer crown of own kingdom with golden flag to flutter under soul of solace..



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