Poems by Sudha Dixit

Poems by Sudha Dixit



I walked through an arid, gloomy region
Sans shady trees only cactus plants,
Sandy terrain with dust storm,
Ghostly, eerie silence that haunts

But, I walked and walked with grit,
No sojourn, no sleep, no rest
Perseverance was my strength, to
Reach my dream destination – my quest

We dream of an oasis when in desert,
We crave for rain when thirst prevails,
We long, we pine for something we want
Then turn to God when all else fails

Prayer holds amazing magical quality
Wishes are fulfilled when we forgo vanity
Toil gets reward and dream comes true
It happens suddenly as serendipity

I close my eyes, I talk to God
And lo behold ! The Heavens bestow
Divine blessings in my empty coffer,
Warms my heart and tears of gratitude flow

I see blue sky and colourful earth,
Verdant valleys and brown hills,
Girdle a cozy, dreamy house
Close to which a flowing water trills


The Secret Within

I have
A tough exterior
For I have
An ego superior
Let me tell you
My love
You are in
My heart
You are in
My blood
You are
My soul’s part
I’ll have to be
Like a meteor
To let you out – dear.


The Jewel

Buffing is wearing off,
Gold plating is gone,
The ornament is losing it’s sheen
It’s not what earlier I’d seen

The veil of mist lifted
Exposing the lies, to me,
You had gifted

You could’ve decked up
Flowers in my hair
For your fake jewels,
I did not really care

So, what was
The necessity
To make
A travesty
Of love
A feeling divine
That with gems of
Truth, honour and spirituality
Has it’s own
Intrinsic shine.


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