Poems by Sujata Banerjee Bhattacharyya

Poems by Sujata Banerjee Bhattacharyya
Don’t lie on God
The God is great,
The bullet came out indiscriminately,
The crowd rushed disorderly as it’s
Hits by Tsunami, the unfortunate
Busy night turned into waste land,
By the firing sounds of strangers.
Karim’s ordered after Ramadhan fast,
Jain’s hang up with the crème bueleetart,
Monti’s farewell meet of returning home
As she is going to give a new life.
See you all in heaven,
The body lying next to the half eaten meal,
The Eid outfit spotted with sudden blood,
The spoon lay on the plate unexpectedly,
The dinner napkin still covered the chest,
The congregational prayer can do nothing
In front of terror storm.
Neither the Ishwar, God , or Allah
Gives any messages to the evil souls
Death makes them happy.
Life- the ultimate creation of the supreme
Nourish by the bond of love,
By equality, by unity and bless of God.
Thy will be left within me
Thy will be left within me, I’ll be or not,
May the fogs drench the grass or not,
May the dewdrops reflects in the morning or not,
May the sunlight clash with the bird’s or not
May the Nightingale tells the story of divine love or not,
Thy will be left within me, I’ll be or not.
May my words buzzing in the air or not,
May the butterflies dance on the petals or not,
May the dropped leaves kisses the land or not,
May the cowboy blow the air in flute or not,
May the shooting stars fulfil the wishes or not,
Thy will be left within , I’ll be or not.

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