Poems by Jade Lopez

Poems by Jade Lopez
Rhymes And Reasons
So much to offer..so much to give
As everyday goes by…your smile i receive
I put my trust in you…because i do believe
That true love…both of us will achieve
In love ..all is fair
So don’t be in despair
It tackles regardless of educational attainment, culture, gender
Age, status, race…that no one can hinder
It is the only matter that you can put into rhymes
The only matter that defined in so many reasons
That strengthens ourselves to stand in any obstacles
LOVE is truly the only feeling that we can express in so many ways.
It is you that I want and dreamed of
You are my one inspiration
The source of my strength and hope
My body ..mind..spirit
Are all yours alone
I love you still
Don’t leave me
Don’t go
© Jade Lopez


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