Poems by Membis Godwin

Poems by Membis Godwin
I want to write a poem to you
Filled with intimate passion
Vibrant emotion
To make you speechless
And all other suitors worthless
I want to write you a poem
Oh! Jade my soul-mate
The root of a new bud in me
I want to sing of your beauty
The charms in your humility
Oh! Jade my summer shine
I want to profess you as my muse
In my raggea and blues
Because you have given me life
Like the morning dew
I hope you would not fade away
At! Jade I am afraid of dying again
Please assure me your stay
As a rock on earth crust
For I want to roof my thought
With your name that taste like mango
Oh! Jade I want to tell my friends
Of the diamond I have plucked
From the ever beautiful sky
To shine in my soul as a star.
Ok let me send more two poems of JADE
you have more time
i tell you
now is ok
Life is full of trials and obstacles
That sometimes we loose the battles
We just need to light up the candles
For us to be strong and can face all the angles
We are truly blessed for what we have
For we always have the means to prove
Our everlasting forever love
And a promise that we will stay and never leave
Hold on to our dreams and song
Hold on to our feelings so strong
Hold on to this future that we are creating
Hold on to our love that is never changing…
© Membis Godwin

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