Poems by Alby Raymond Parackal

Poems by Alby Raymond Parackal



Love mine, you make me crazy!
How wonderful your attaires attractive?
Have I seen an angel on heath,
Being guardian angel upon His Blessings?!

Your eyes curious in curiosity,
Perceives perceptions pleasing pleasures!
While none ever may hit direct
With Cupid’s arrow, being under veil virtually!

Alluring lips peal off lipstick
Enticing all gullible minds of youthful men!?
You love mine do enthrall me,
In evermore mirth ecstatic, in dreams of kiss!

Overall view do enchant me,
To be near to you my love, in your own fold;
Where head in heart, heat to
Bent, vent in soulful journey, phone bell rings!



Gabriel’s declaration declare
To humanity about His wow!
Who’s to accept it ever, than
Mary, the Mother of Almighty!?

Bow in awe, you mother Mary,
For you are the one and only
One, born as lovely woman in
Whole the universe to accept!

Word, the mighty remain ever
In serenity unfailingly for Him;
Be the one Omnipresent and
Omnipotent of fullfledged ever!

Adam to Cain, Noha to Abram,
Isaac, Jacob,Joseph to Moses,
Joshua to David, the king ever,
Kingdom of Might in suspicion!?

But, truth called in serenity, and
Mary to bestow herself ground;
In flesh and blood, be a splendid
Womb devoid of malice anytime!

No doubts about His ways and
Means, ever upon life in health!
Offer in all aplomb, accept Him
And live upto Cross Holly Ever!

Now, may me bow before you,
Mother Mary, being Saviours’
Mother on earth, icon of love
Selfless, on this Mother’s Day!



May me perceive a child
Be one of years just four;
Playing within household
Modish times year’s back!
There was huge a crowd
In the whole house and
Surroundings, but the air
Does seem melancholic!
Amma her’s were in box
Decorated fervently with
White roses and she clad
White, pristinely as angel!
Mother mine in ages all
Tender, for any girl child;
Was shifted to Convent
With sister eldest lovely!
Got out from there with
Flying colours be teacher;
While motherly sister
Found abode in Mighty!
Then the plight of woman
As wife, daughter-in-law,
Mother and grandmother;
Where she was running
Everything, with will that
Of rest, really appreciate;
But,emotions curtailed!?
This too be a day when
She too was laid to rest!
Yet, mind mine whisper,
It’s she who’s shown ever
Splendor of Christ Jesus;
With ardent Self-sacrifice!

MAA : mother

(All rights reserved by
Alby Raymond Parackal)



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