Poems by Ashok Kumar

Poems by Ashok Kumar



I cry when I see them weeping
They have their dreams

They are also human beings
Why they are being exploited

Why they are not respected
Government promise to help

Could not get what they want
They are lovely creatures

They want to come out from dark
Street dogs are ready to them bark

They have their opened wounds
Looking bright rays of the sun

Some look them laugh make fun
I want o see them at the zenith

Where there they can get their
Sun and their moon it will be boon

Gifts of their Christmas
Children will be happy
from this boon.



All live in vanity fair
don’t know
truth is best
can be told from
any podium

It may be a new birth
of spirituality
New sky
new land for my

There are many
Heroes and hero

It is howling
Wilderness of

New philosophy
Of my age
The stones of my
Heart with lighting

Full of joys or
Criticism of life
An imagery of

Memories of hero’s
History or history
Of my mutual friends.



Don’t forget you till my death
Don’t have you faith

You are my soul made for me
Without you how can I be glee

Pain has fear of me

Don’t afraid if you are with me

I bend on my knee

My love is for you your soul is for me

I may laugh if you laugh

People think me crazy

Bear your separation is not easy

Love tastes may be bitter for me

But it is lovely for glee.



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