Poems by Sabit Ince

Poems by Sabit Ince



I come to you to bend the neck
Haci Bektas Veli premium..
I always remember the way it deserves path
Haci Bektas Veli premium..

Familiar way to the path of
Yesevi have himmet
We dived into the universe with love
Haci Bektas Veli premium..

Addressed in the language of a waist
Whether the road came to profess
Yes, even if said
Haci Bektas Veli premium..

We had a treasure drops
Haq, Muhammad Ali chose
Shirt reaped more than
Haci Bektas Veli premium..

Such a İnce son, made the
Safety can flesh is dead
Suluca Höyük come
Haci Bektas Veli premium…



Stole my youth years
I love the hands were
Happened to me does not smell roses
Alas Alas rose my rose
I do not know my carpet what happens when

I’ve been nomadic cranes
I had ants on the road
I remember one dear
Alas Alas rose rose
Did not hurt me cruel…

Weird strange world
I got called in Konya
Shabby wrote my tag
Oh, my dear rose rose
Was not keep my hands, slice..

İnce waist, did not hold
friend not formed into the hands of
I do not get Muradiye
Rose Alas, alas rose
My arm was broken wings…


-All the people-

New Year’s sweeter than honey
Like a butterfly wing
Your house-storey, multi-storey
I wish you a new year.

Last year, the air
pan meal tables
Wife and child bay
I wish you a new year.

Grate every week
Wounded heart has not
Pocket, purse money
I wish you a new year.

All the winter skiing
All colors paints
Girls coronet per
I wish you a new year.

Summers at the beach all the time
Get your favorite Ajda
As the image always be the first
I wish you a new year.

Every day for the fun of
Leave behind the worst year
Seven loves take
I wish you a new year.

Days for instrumentalists, jazz
Thank god the winter summer
Than burdening yourself
I wish you a new year.

War, peace come to be over
Smile on the face of children
Thin the world to be brothers
I wish you a new year.



There’s a man, the bitter poison
There’s a man, he is a woman’s crown.
There’s a man, he is a scourge to head
There’s a man, is received from Gilmer

There’s a man, makes you unhappy woman
There’s a man, woman does not mention the name
There’s a man, slovenly Pee Pants
There’s a man, though zeybek, in an effort..

There’s a man, woman not know the language
There’s a man in a home of the bride
There’s a man does not stop the flood of bend
There’s a man, not Sok mouth tongue..

There’s a man, like floating in sea
There’s a man, shaded sun -fold
There’s a man, morning and evening is drunk
There’s a man, woman is a pleasant..

There’s a man, do not look back into the
There’s a man, into the hands of the business is not worth…
There’s a man, woman his slave
There’s a man, the scourge of women..

There’s a man, fucking smart
There’s a man, top head gravelly dirt..
There’s a man, unaware of the world
There’s a man, do not ever think kedersiz…

There’s a man, does not know the way home
There’s a man, man can not come near…
There’s a man, he also beat him Severken
There is a thin, always praising women o…



I’ve waited a lifetime tirelessly
Maybe one day he will come.
I gave many years to the years, added,
Maybe one day he will come.

Youth, I have finished my life,
I thought I got lost back in full.
I brought profits of Erciyes mountain,
Maybe one day he will come.

I know that you burn it,
That was the promise, that fate,
A theology of God for the sake of action,
I will always wait for you come.

You’re the only one sultan’s palace of mind,
Come on, that the heathen blood flowing waterfall.
Come on, get happy with the happiness universe,
World eyes could come of interest..

Is it fine to head off heart Sirat bridge
I decided I have to give myself to you,
While I do not question you, I said to myself,
Love could come to my fire burns….


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