Snow Chat! / Poem by Lily Swarn

Poem by Lily Swarn
Snow Chat!
A comforting sight
This thick quilt of snow
Ensheathing the brittle n dry
Protecting the frigid and fragile
Cushioning your woes or mine
Heralding the birth of Christ
Welcoming the doe eyed deer
Reflecting the moon’s luminosity
Serenading the sleeping beauty
Cocooning my timorous fears
Freezing my fountain of tears
Will you still come for that rendezvous ?
The one you promised me in summer ?
When the blood red of the whispering wine
Spilt on the ivory of your lace dress ?
Will you watch the reindeer with me
As they pull up Santa’s sleigh ?
Will you walk through the neck deep piles
And emerge as the love of my life ?
Copyright Lily Swarn 20.12.2017

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