Poems by Uzma Parveen

Poems by Uzma Parveen
Men In Chain
High hopes, false starts
Misconceptions, gratification departs
Leads to dismay
Leads to decay
Remaining things seem small
Nowhere stay your eyeballs
Hunt for more and more
Essential things you begin to ignore
Nothing remains at last
You just crave for a little comfort
A feeling like birds in net
Trying to escape, always upset.
No complacence in any state
The straight road
what they think of her
when she wonders about
it cleaves her heart in two
she knows not what to do
but the road straight and smooth
turns her anguish into peace.
near to them is only
what benefits them
they curse even the sun
in summer noon
they rush to welcome
in cool days.
none the less she deems
of their rotten mind
not by birth
desires for more and more
luxury on earth
mislead them to the darker world
like a lotus is she
breathing on muddy
soil ,
rounded with people
of numb conscience
cold blood in veins
she is a rose
amidst the thorns.

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