Hand in hand, turning and turning in the closing gyre,
The dove whispers to the dove about a beautiful lyre!
Things come together; the strings cannot hold;
The delicate fingers did dance with the music bold,

The black coffee fumed with its pleasant fragrance
Lips shivered as the hot-rimmed tide is loosed its incense,
And everywhere the ceremony of romance is crowned;
The best crack all convictions, while we both drowned,

In a playful cup of passionate intensity; Come on!
Lift the cup! Surely some dream hangs over the screen;
Surely the Second Coming is at hand, me and you!
We chase the rainbows and butterflies in no queue!

The Second Coming! May be in heart or mind road cover
He may suddenly plant a poem in your soul with a red flower
When familiar hibiscus images freezes out of Spiritus Mundi
A garden grows and you invite him to feast at India mandi,*

You leave your singing heart hanging on a wooden chair,
It troubles you; the journey to a desert is still fresh and fair.
A shape with Zephir where ghosts and guests mingle and leave
With a gaze blank and throbbing heart you search for love!

When a dream is moving its slow sighs, while all about it
Reel shadows of the incessant memories fade into memory pit,
Slowly the silence drops again; but now you know as a whole
That three days can be centuries to a soul searching for a soul,

In the earthen cabin we are bound by time and space
May be djinns or angels guide our thoughts with great pace?
And by a rocking embrace, And what speed and grace,
Our hour come round at last, moves towards final grace!


Before the road my footsteps old….

Those maroon robes, crown of thorns, scourging whips and bleeding cross,
I like your way of impaling me, stabbing my side and dumping me in a cave across!
I was silent when you played lots for my blood wet torn clothes not so precious!
I cried when you all were sleeping when i wanted you to be awake and cautious!

Who knows whom when death smiles on your own face o dear john and Peter?
Can you plant trees of light by the side of a road yet to be laid with mercy water?
Like the bread and wine we divided and shared people bred divisions wide and far!
I was on the Road to Emmaus but doubting Thomases looked for wounds and scar!

The road to the most High is laid with the flagstones of compassion, mercy and love vitrified,
But why people waylaid innocents in the dark corridors of discrimination and borders unsanctified?
Awake! Arise! The dark creatures lurked in the creeks of human greed are working overtime!
The road that follwed my footsteps is now tampered with landmines of human follies dozen a dime!

In gospels and fables you are looking for spells and miracles and forgot my work codified!
The largest monuments do they give cover better than the sky under which i was crucified?



Before you come in, don’t forget to knock the door with your memory tweet,
My heart is throbbing in silence, awaiting your gentle touch of magic treat,
It has forgotten its own rhythm and is moving in tandem with your heart beat,
Any delay in your arrival causes panic in the premises of serenity so sweet!

Before you rub my falling pulse with incense of your innocence, please close the door,
You combed the bumpy distance between us with your presence of warm score!
You tuned my mind keyboard into singing poems of eternal love in its primal sense!
You anointed my body with the perfume of divine thoughts and memories of past tense!

In those dark corners of thought prisons, too many echoes collided in haste,
The sleepy prisoners shook their bad dreams off and shrieked in raw taste,
Fireflies clicked cameras like cats with cataract to record the stuck cry in throat,
Neither day’s command nor night’s timid answer could suppress that lovers’ gloat!

Those lovers of convenience are scripting latent promises on sand and water slates,
The owls and nocturnal wanderers shook their heads in sheer disbelief states!
Love, love, infinite, selfless love-‘ the lovers growled in opposite predicaments,
You go this way and me that way; we can meet somewhere to start arguments!

The blind philosophers gathered around the elephant of love and painted the form,
The deaf mathematicians calculated the weight of love; fell short of zeroes in sum,
The dumb astrologers imagined the Venus of love in a planet, with predictions drum!
The limping medicine men concocted potions to net the elusive love in its charm!

Before you go, please close the window, the sea breeze and moonlight may envy me!
While I dream about you, all the stars twinkle and the lone night is my arch-enemy!
The fragrance of your stay and the presence of your left behind shadow sing a lullaby,
I try to collect your memories into my forgotten pockets and look for the final good-bye!

The poets, painters, sculptors, engineers, scribes, musicians described love as they saw fit!
But when two charged bodies collide like lightning what words, echoes, colors can describe it?
Before you come in, please knock the door, inside I am stitching our memories together!
Before you go, close the windows too, the outside world is anxious to see how we suffer!


One thought on “Poems by DR. LSR PRASAD

  1. Nice. Before You Come In by LSR Prasad is very suggestive, highly creative matured.I like the last stanza very much.Kudos to the poet and you for publishing

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