Poems by Lilian Woo

Poems by Lilian Woo



Sun smiling
Winds blowing
Enjoy the cool breeze
Nature of heavenly bliss
Capturing beautiful scenery
Colourful blossoms bloom in glory.



Genuine joy is a feeling deep within
A heavenly delight in virtuous living
Joy glows in your heart immensely
Love blooming beautifully

Having kind thoughts for the needy
Fulfill some social responsibilities
Offer help in times of catastrophe
Genuine joy in performing your duties

Life enriches with sharing and caring
Goodness offers to others is a blessing
Genuine joy cultivates love and affection
It gives a sense of satisfaction

Joyful laughter is inspiring
Happiness in your soul glowing
Engulf your heart with rapture
Dance delightfully with pleasure

Nurture your mind with joy
Wonderful moment to rejoice
Genuine joy, the candle that gives light
Bring smiles on faces with delight.



As I nestled against your bosom
Feeling your loving tender passion
Embraced by your fragrance
Drowned in sweet wonderful moment
Music of your heartbeats serenade me
Unlock my heart with your love key.

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