Poems by Varsha Saran

Poems by Varsha Saran
My ink is drying
Less imagination
Less inspiration
Or, due to work load
Its denying to scribble
I remember those beautiful days
When I was roaming in the jungle of words
Greenery was there
Ahhh!! So much life I used to feel there
Playing with the natural stream of poetry
Enjoying with the open atmosphere of its dynasty
I loved the way I use to paint my thoughts
But now it’s all missing
Searching something that is hidden
In me
In my poems!!
O’divine, come and help me
O divine!!
Chilling wind of unfavorable circumstances
That can never ever be the result of
Her karmas!!
Enigmatic life made her like a cadavers of emotions
That sleep on iceberg
Layers of ice
Made her like a fossil
That tells a touching story
About her life!
She was pretty enough
To enlighten this world
Gloomy minds turned happy
When she smiles with her enigmatic touch
She was not Monalisa of Leonardo
But a beautiful flower of her family garden
Throny experiences of life
Made her more wise
But how long she would tolerate
The storms of life!
Her fresh red colour changed into crimson
More bloody
More angry
Annoyed with this system
Where everyone desire for silken part
And not ready to compromise with the harsh side
They forget that Rose has to survive with throny destiny
That makes her more pretty
And she is a special piece
Created by divine!!

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