Poems by Dr.Prof. Ranjana Sharan Sinha

Poems by Dr.Prof. Ranjana Sharan Sinha
The earth was asleep under the stars,
the moon travelled around her
in an elliptical orbit;
the biotic and the abiotic
weaved the fibres of her dream–
the warp and woof of her life:
The roaring oceans
jumping out of their fascinating depths
constantly kissing the shorelines
and leaving saline trails–
with their unbound might!
Breathtaking mountains
rising out of landscape
reaching high into the sky!
The ethereal glow of roses–
the phosphorescence of dew
tipping their petals!
The psithurism of trees in the breeze
swelling and waning
in the gusts of the night!
All of a sudden, there was a blast
chilling the great mother to the marrow.
She winced, aghast at the sight
The earth began to quake
belching out smoke and fire:
Rainbow colours turned into red and black!
I let my inner self loose
In the aromatic atmosphere:
It soars high
Into the sky!
Breaking the bond
To a world beyond
Touches the azure- blue lakes
With a heart that reverberates!
I see clouds kissing the hillock’s lips
O, you can fathom how it feels!
Cupid’s bow aims at my heart
Deep withon love begins to start–
The chill dusk of the autumn evening
Scatters sunshine like spring.
I poke the faint fire of love
My soul’s treasure trove:
The amber catches an orange hue
Before my eyes l find you
Dust of decades l clear
Where’ve you been oh, my dear?
Always close yet so far
I fall in love in the fall!
Like ant the time will crawl!

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