Self invention / Poem by Lopamudra Mishra

Poem by Lopamudra Mishra


Self invention

What I want to prove myself,
A perfectionist in each aspect,
A bundle of webbed prospect,
Vowed to the bunch of social respect,
Some sort of assertion ,
Some prohibition ,
some restriction,
To my expression ,
in order to prove me ,that I am perfect in every jurisdiction.
A self revelation, self assumption,
such redemption,
Revising myself in order to rediscover the potentials
Which submerged among the charms of the season’s rotation,
According to my changing scene of my character,
I mould my image to glorify my actions,
With a selfish motive,
to put my thumb impression to prove my perfection,but,
Rediscovering and reinventing helped me in order to,
Healing myself, dealing with thyself,{Almighty}
Creating a bond of uniqueness among our self,
Erases all the lines ,confirming me to stay contended in this art gallery.


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