Poems by Akshaya Kumar Das

Poems by Akshaya Kumar Das


The Dreams of a Scion…

I to we,we to I.
The distance is story.
Often I search in history,
History of my memory,
In our togetherness lives we,
Breathes we,
The sacred thread of relationship,
Sailing on the topsy turvy waves of the sea,
Time & again caught by waves in love,
At times swiming high,
At times low,
Under the tides great union in pride,
We love to hide,
Live, survive & sail within the tides,
The lovers best hideout,
Seeking oblivion in union,
Two physical ethers with one etheral soul,
Vanishing into the surrreal ,
Surreal dreams of a I & we game in real,
Feeling fully blown like the beautiful petals,
Planting your gel inside my veil,
When unveiled after nine months incubation,
It was our seed in dream in fruition,
In true oblivion,
Results of our deep meditation,
Future in prediction,


Let us change the world..

A revolution ushering in,
Live, love & laugh in harmony,
A dormant vulcano of a intellectual revolution brewing in,
Let the world respond positively to the call given,

Let there be an end to racial discrimination,
Let there be an end to tyranny of torture of one human by another human,
The man who tortures is no icon,
By force he imposes pain,
On innocent children, men & women,

Gone are days of slavery,
The universe is now open to all,
Why feudalistic characters only hoard the lion’s share in the capital,
Sadistic people need be punished,
Their heinous & brutal designs must be exposed,

All men & women are equal in status,
Why few take advantage in the name of caste, creed, colour , religion & race,
Put an abrupt end to Divide & rule policy on the face,

Do not intrude into the peaceful life of another,
Applying force to gain do not torture,
You are a human being like too,
How can you think you are superior to the other by your hue ???

A revolution is brewing against inhumanity,
No one has given you the licence to torture humanity,
Stop using the nuclear arsenal against humanity,
That shows clearly your mindset full of insanity,

Can’t you replace the bombs & bullets,
Instead share the huge booty spent,
Food for all in exchange be there intead,
Half the world suffers in hunger,
Half the children of the world go unfed,
A hungry stomach spreads sorrow & hatred,
Let education be the only weapon,
Weapon to win hearts of the people in neglect zones,
share of the booty for their development & promotion,
For a peace & harmonious living doing their duty in the long run,

Only after hunger is driven out of the world,
True thoughts of healthy living shall alight to mould,
Mould the dirty minds to a sense of true hapiness,
With true happiness every living creature shall live in peace,

A clarion call to the intellectuals is given,
Please use your talent to bring the desired change through your magic pen,
Use your Magic minds to drive away all pen,
Clean water, food & health be available to all men, women & children,

Live, laugh & love in happiness,
Humming in silence the mantra of co-existence,
I know my words may not be of value to your sense,
But sit for a while close your eyes,
Think what you are going to carry when you live,
One day your good deeds will be remembered by the world after you really leave,

Be noble & honest,
Ask yourselves again & again if you are the best,
Your honesty & nobility,
Will bring wealth of peace from infinity,

Drop your Ego,
Join the universal go,
Flow with the river of love,
At the end you join the ocean of love,
Mingle into the oasis of love,
For a true emancipation ,
For a true salvation,

Involve , act & show your honest intentions,
The universe is a beautiful garden in creation,
Our little might in contribution shall bring a total rvolution,
Posterity will be grateful to you for your creative intuition,
© ® Akshaya Kumar Das

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