Poems by Dr.Subhendu Kar

Poems by Dr.Subhendu Kar
Oh where are we to go ?
lest into highness of heaven rooted in soul of belief onto liberty of eternity to unleash sanguine gleams of livht
mirror may fail to reconcile
for another day to reminisce sitting in a corner of coffee house.
neither light nor darkness resolve the distance apart to consummate reflection
onto limitless quest of kiss
shadow seems to attire varied faces of moon ness
for glory of love yet awaites to blaze curve of crave .
convergence smolders into fire of luminous glow
of red blue moon to descend on the milieu of star studded serene sky
and I would wait on to last dregs of night
until to find sparkling gloss of dew ramping over cusp of tranquil green in coronation of love.
By deep of night silence solaces to roll on
unrequited flames of day may not sleep
onto shy of solitude to cease
stillness paroles unobtrusive
tide may be there to engulf void.
scarecrow no more scrambles to scare
on lone shore eyes of clarity illudes to deter
as Knight of blue guards to guide path unto dream
enlightened vision meditates to belong
into room half opened into dream
time attires in robe of thin blanket in black
white is on its way to adore embodiment of sky
In midst of blithe joy humbleness sighs
are we alone to decry arc of reflection ,?
endearment hides onto another day
and I may not prolong to long alienation.

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