HANG ON THERE; TO MY VALENTINE / Poem by Dr. Santosh Bakaya

Poem by Dr. Santosh Bakaya
If you have finished with that last puff of gold flake
Let me tell you that I love you
If you have done hanging on to each word
of Devdas’ Dilip Kumar ,
let me tell you that I love you .
Oh hang on there, just let me wash your stinking socks
Then, honestly, we will resume our love talks.
Let me finish admiring these crazy doodles
as you splurge away on oodles of noodles.
Hey stop, there are some strands of noodles
still hanging from your lips.
By the way, what should I call them, pray?
Strands or skeins, hey!
When you have finished deleting the WhatsApp messages
I promise, I will speak the truth in the post- truth world.
Snuggle up to you; a perfect example of tender togetherness.
But oh no! The maid is absconding, and the kitchen is a mess.
Let me hurry, and clear it up first,
and put Baldacci’s Hell’s Corner back in the shelf, before I burst.
Yes, now I am back, open your eyes a crack, remove those earphones
Rein in those groans – oh no! Don’t tell me, you are snoring
when from every pore of my being, love is pouring!
But, honestly speaking, that smile on your face is cute
Despite your snores, you still are a darling absolute.

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