A heart that Sings / Poem by Tulsi Shrestha

Poem by Tulsi Shrestha


A heart that Sings

Waiting me in temple, ringing bell to wake up your view
Inciting life to gamble, letting love take up, space in you

Decorating you as bride , igniting candles to delight you
Painting you with pride, flashing lights to enchant hue

Flying kiss with right, exchanging love to fire passion
Beating heart to fight, inviting lovers to display emotion

Searching each other to feel, burning desire for forbidden love
Daring to face, thundering wrath of Almighty for sensual bath tub.

Enjoying touch of skin, revealing way how to scream
Inviting me and you ,presenting as ideals to dream.

Listening see Almighty ,Love song of two hearts
Beating of their hearts, creating melody of love art.

Breathing rhythms ,exciting rhymes of love song
Enforcing two lovers to perceive, reciting wave of love.

Feeling impulse of love, waiting each to gain conscience
Testing each drop of pain, thinking how to dominance .

By Tulsi Shrestha @copyright reserved

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