Child Abuse-My Body Has Never Stayed Confined Only To Myself / Poem by Nayanika Dey

Poem by Nayanika Dey


Child Abuse-My Body Has Never Stayed Confined Only To Myself

His slender fingers still dig deep inside my brain,
A well, so well and full, full till the brim,
And overflowing with his fluids like molten cotton candies,
With the boats of promises sinking deep down in it,
Piling up, one on the other like pieces of broken crayons,
And shattered chunks of jigsaws and legos,
But in a heap so non-biodegradable.

How my tender juvenile hands used to catch his fancy words,
Wrapped in plastics like the wisps of wafting dandelions,
Caressing down my elbows to rest on my puerile palms,
And I used to furl my five years old
Pink fledgling fingers to cage them in my heart.
O’ now my heart is full, full till the brink,
Colliding, coalescing, lumping and chocking me from within.

How his hands used to crawl upon my body devouring my bosoms,
Like kneading crumpled paper balls
Tearing pages from the books of fairy tales,
Only to throw them in the bin
After staining them with the indelible ink,
Trying and failing to rhyme an unmetered couplet.

My puerile body has always been a demesne,
For their teeth and tongues to graze upon
Like chewed up toffees and colourfully colorless lollipops,
My body has never stayed confined only to myself.



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