Maria Miraglia is member of Editorial Advisory Board of Sahitya Anand

Maria Miraglia is member of  Editorial Advisory Board of Sahitya Anand

#VishwabharatiResearchCentre and #SahityaAnand proudly announces Maria Miraglia from Italy as an esteemed member of our Editorial Advisory Board. We are glad and honoured to have her gracious presence.

Maria Miraglia was born and lives in Italy. She graduated in Foreign Languages and Literatures from the University of Bari; she got the HLC, a c UK; a master’s degree from the University Aldo Moro in Bari, one more from the UNI3 University in Rome.

She collaborated with the Italian Department of Education for the Modular Approach to the Teaching of Modern Foreign Languages. Teacher in high state secondary schools, Lecturer for foreign language teachers.

Maria has been an active member of Amnesty International for a long time, she herself Founder and President of World Foundation for Peace, Member of the Human Rights Observatory.

Poet and Translator. A Founding Member and Literary Director of the Italian Cultural Association P. Neruda, Honorary Member of Nationes Unidas de las Letras, Editor-in-Chief of Galaktika Poetike Autunis and member of the editorial office of Ourpoetry Archive.

Maria collaborates for poetry with numerous national and international newspapers and magazines.
Her poems have been translated into many foreign languages and are featured in numerous anthologies.

Her works include the poetry anthologies: Petali tra le Nuvole, Whispers From the Blue, Dancing in the Wind and Seagulls in the Blue.
Author of Le Più Grandi Opere del Poeta Laureato Yayati Madan Gandhi Translated by Maria Miraglia, author and publisher of Antologia Poetica.
She has been awarded national and international prizes and her poems translated into many languages.

Welcome aboard Maria Miraglia, looking forward to a great literary association.

Warm Regards,
Shivputra Kanade
Sunita Paul

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