Poems by Hana Shishiny

Poems by  Hana Shishiny


The daughter of my love

In your eyes,my beauty
I see the golden rays
The sparkling of spontaneity
And the calm of gentle days…

You got the flowers of heaven
The garden I nurtured for you
You are the spring …coming
The rebirth of days..restarting new

Daughter of love..of heart
A winter tree I became
I set old leaves to part
Awaited your buds realm..

The river of eternity continues in flow
Love waves..succeed and roll
Sailors we are..flowing in raw
A cycle of divinity. ..a tireless scroll..

In that river… we all flow
After gloomy sky..spring spreads delights
Connected in a holy glow
Mothers..daughters as dawn’s following nights …


The forests of your heart

Take me to the forests of your heart
Let me play between the branches
A butterfly with delightful wings of art
Enchanted by the shades of your green chambers..

Aroma of wondrous trees floating
A breeze caressing your inner soul
A hazy mountain stands…observing
how times ,on those fields, scroll…

Feeling lonely in that ocean of calmness
Blissful hands …hugging that world
A small path heading to wilderness
A flight in nature..In moments to behold…

Meadowlands of holiness and bliss
Flowers..bees,,sunrays and love
All hiding, like me, in shaded kiss
A poem ..where words ..written from above..



One thought on “Poems by Hana Shishiny

  1. I wish to stroll in the wilderness of trees
    Inhale the scents of those beautiful flowers with vivid colours and the caressing of breeze
    with the aroma of varied leaves.
    I was really and truly enchanted Hana🌷

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