Poems by Merlyn Joseph

Poems by Merlyn Joseph
I’m disgusted with the personality tagged to your handsome face
Is it dislike or bully you show towards me these days?
Whatever I try to do or say you tell me I’m wrong
You’re making assumptions instead of understanding me
You must by now wondering why I’m saying all of this
I no longer feel comfortable in this relationship
I don’t really move close with people until I know them well
But with you I felt a little extra special kind of love
A kind of respect passion concern and care
I don’t want to lament over things
And destruct the beautiful me
You tested my patience
And forced me to say goodbye
The creation
The serenity
With you as
A daughter
A mother
A friend
A sister
A wife
She’s gentle
She’s radiant
She’s dazzling
She’s intelligent
She’s endearing
She’s a blessing
She’s everything
No poem or prose
Is adequate enough
To know about her
A treasure forever
Woman she is …

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