Poems by M. A. Rathore

Poems by M. A. Rathore



You pour in me
Like a river- its constant flow;
Like a life which has no beginning; no end
Like a child who gets birth out of me;
Grows unbridled;
Remains ever free and wild;
And will have his constant journey.

You flow with the river,
Sometimes towards south; sometimes
Towards north you turn
Just you go with me abruptly.

If I am one side of the bank
You are the other corner of the river-bank;
What makes me brood —
The river which flows between
Both the sides of the river-bank
Which has no beginning; no end
You are my words- a constant flow.



As I grow older things become
More enchanting and rare previllage for me;
When I behold there is a change
I am propelled by new things;
The singing bird is a rare watching for me;
For modern man has polluted the whole earth

Chirping of sparrows sooth my heart deeply;
When the little ones try to gulp their food;
And snatch more from their mother’s beak
While she hops around their newly built nest

On some twig it is hanging by an old well
Which is rarely haunted nowadays;
Neither by the women carrying pitchers
Far from distant lands where water was precious;
Nor the birds can be seen on the raised plateform
Where grains were used to be scattered

To satisfy our greed we have employed
So many inventory measures
Including chemical fertilizers recklessly
In providing more and more from the earth
But forget to save the lives of innocent creatures



When someone loves you
And you dothnot care him,
It Really hearts.
When someone cares you
And you dothnot love him,
It really hearts.
When someone remembers you
And you dothnot allow him?
It really hearts.
When someone allows you
And you dothnot remember him,
It really hearts.
When someone loves you boundless
And you dothnot measure it
It really hearts.
When you think you can love
None can else,
It really hearts.
When someone counts the time
To meet with you
And you avoid him,
It really hearts…..

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