Walk on dead letters – Sanaz Davoodzadehfar / Sanaz Davood Zadeh Far

Poem by Sanaz Davoodzadehfar
Walk on dead letters
When we meet
The distance between us is the smoke of several cigarettes.
When we don’t meet
There is only a cup of hot tea with a piece of sugar .
We always have this experience.
When I started to love,
It was an end of it to you.
To me, its years were still running.
If you open your borders,
I will immigrate to you
Without visa.
My case is not political.
I fled as a lover.
If I get back home,
They will sew up my tongue and lips.
Love with no words.
With borders, without home.
The vapor of your words
Surrounds my imagination by mist .
Look at our shared dreams.
They are very close at the minimum distance.
Your hands are far from me for a long time.
I was born and I was crying.
I lived and I was screaming.
I want to leave this world with a smiling face like Mona Liza.
When I smell the perfume of love
No factory’s fan can compete with me.
Tear me to pieces like petals,
And ship me to Paris,
Then call me Juliet.
I will be the most sale perfume.
If an earthquake cracks any place ,
My heart will crack too.
My heart thought the earth is like a cradle,
And its quake will sing a lullaby to my pain.
Oh earth, sing happily to your mistakes.
When you look at me, you don’t see my pain well .
To understand my looks, you can listen to the sparrows
They speak the same language.
Enriched uranium sleeps in my bed instead of your picture every night .
I kiss it.
Each city becomes a white crow’s nest of smoke.
My dream of a nuclear nightmare becomes very hot.
All options are on the table:
To draw the morning on your words.
To run alongside your absence.
To get a phrase similar to the hands and lips.
You still pour the silence into the glass
And I drink your shadow.
Translated by Sanaz Davood Zadeh Far

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