Limosar? / Poema de Roger Casanatan

Poema de Roger Casanatan



Look at begging relatives,
in descending attitude of Calvary,
fourth cross of the couple’s gift,
Seven crosses tied in the soul.
Celestial geography hundreds of kilometers,
Road traveled in tears of tears.
Oh victory over pain
when he smiles,
feel two “stars”
shine from the sky
That little existentially,
deep abysses blind him,
we fall and get up,
severe scars
Operable by “Divine Surgeon”.
Another day …
the distance is not free
expensive ticket
sadness vehicle
Debt on debt,
enigmatic destination
offer pilaster
when I also live
of charities.
Ah … dislocated wealth
Survive from superfluous wrappers.
Turn, turn the back of the story,
maybe be shorter
towards “glory”

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