Poems by Agnieszka Jarzębowska

Poems by Agnieszka Jarzębowska
try to look for me
find me
in the mechanism of every-day life
of accelerated time
where every minute
has significance in life
where every sun is
by one more
indiscretion of man.
you need time
to be a good parent
you need time
to be a good wife
you need to find the time
to be yourself
there are a poem of twee.
I got
from you Mother
a few life verities
and I spent a long time
unravelling them
and started to understand
what it means
to be a person
and to have a beautiful life
until you were in hospital
when it turned out
that a person can consist of
a name and surname
and a list of diseases
and to be a person
as long as the machinery
of intensive care allows
you can have a nice funeral
and be a snapshot in memories
and you know what Mother?
the flowers on your window-sill
are blooming with health.
weak enough
to suffer
strong enough
to tell the world
about it
your poems have titlle of not
is ok my friend
here are all three poems
these not.
I long for the time
when I leave
for the land
where nobody will be AGAINST
I will wait a thousand years
and I will live
in a different world
without unnecessary cults
and I will love
against cold walls
against cold people
I’ll derive the warmth
from flowers
I will wait through a thousand years
of human hate.

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