Poems by Bindi Sharma

Poems by Bindi Sharma


In light hearted mood but serious just scribbling …….feelings sublime !

Can I ever stop my feelings
Feeling for you
Can it ever diminish
Finish or vanish
Not to talk of your
Care love and affection
You bestowed on me
For that to prove my loyalty
Or I consider its
If so my body my heart
My feelings
Throb for you
Uncondional !!!!!l

Bindi sharma 5 th October 2016 @ All rights reserved



Night by sea side
The beautiful moon is given freedom
To shine on her face
What she would be wishing
At this moment Amidst stars !

Bindi sharma 4 th October 2016 All rights reserved



Follow your soul
It knows
The way through music
And poetry
Because “love knows 
No distinction
Of any kind
It knows no caste creed
Age or nationality
You are a dream within a
Love is all embracing and envelop the entire world
Love Is worship
Which pleases the
Almighty the most .
Crucial circle keep
On going
Want to pay my debts of
Previous birth .

Bindi sharma @ All rights reserved



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