Poems by Jyotirmaya Thakur 

Poems by Jyotirmaya Thakur 



Take an honest look within,
Embrace the beauty and the beast ,
Detachment cannot exist, 
When we have a sense of ownership.

Our attachment lends fake beauty to things,
Blinded with false pride of possession,
We often fail to see ugliness in being,
Deluded by prejudice remain in blissful ignorance.

Divine life starts with impartial motives,
Estimating intentions to practice purpose,
That lie behind our thoughts,words and deeds,
This impartial introspection sow true seeds.

Self analysis and self criticism are hard tasks,
At every stage self conceit, egoistic self congratulates,
Covers our faults,shortcomings deception,
The best time witness is not easy to accomplish.

At close of the day remains of activities,
A restful repose floods mind at ease,
The sacred hour for negation, assertion,
Seek to discover weaknesses, faults in transaction.

The psychological person in you is receptive,
The first analysis may seem like narration,
The ideal life lived by God is inimitable,
Fake charm of ego is then vividly perceptible.

Process of detention is to empty undivine contents,
On the wasteland of despair is threshold of advancement,
Inner reformation is revelation of the day,
Submission is the secret of invoking divine grace.



I wish for a dialogue after war the is over ,
I will move towards mighty light as a lover,
My feet tremble on the street of extremism, 
Memories lie stretched on alleys of illusion,
Declaring war for reunion is absolute reason,
Inflaming bullets of words is an addiction.

Roads of letters lead to sacred restoration,
I march forward in sleet of snow in cold season,
Wading in lake of impossible without navigation,
Walking towards shrines ravaged to destruction,
Silent reproach does not solve any confusion.
Mutual love has to be salvaged by communication.

I have a complaint against my destiny of delusion,
Fragrance of our dates is delayed by seclusion,
Let our love blossom as oasis of expression,
Pangs of separation in your eyes is a reassurance,
Conceal them all for me till I find a solution,
Beauty of Spring shall be in reincarnation.
Jyotirmaya Thakur@copyright.

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