Speak; na / Poem by Balika Sengupta

Poem by Balika Sengupta

Speak; na 

Why not? Can say,
You me,
This was needed
You love me;
Neither do I;
Some say,
Talk of my heart;
Only in the heart,
Links, ***

Do not understand;
You accept my acceptance,
What wasn’t, you,
Recognize my love;
The power of;
Not always show up,
You in my eyes
Your face;
Heart your,
Your eyes;
Don’t say it?
Don’t say it ***

Live right,
In your eyes
Your Love,
In your smile,
A Magic,
For me
From You,
Everything, me;
It seemed to you,
And you,
Me from myself,
It seemed,
Of life;
Without knowing it,
Why us?
Stayed. ***

Don’t say it high
Are you doing me?
Didn’t love,
You touch me;
The wind came and said,
Together with your eyes;
Come down and say it.
Come to the moonlight;
Chham Chham Nahakar,
The first sun rays;
By ringing the bell
Where to where koy;
Sing freely;
Butterflies Eels;
Blooming Flowers;
Blushing Buds,
She always told me,
But you,
Why didn’t he say,
Don’t say it ***

Understand this;
If I take it,
What do you think?
That you never;
You can’t say anything,
Can’t understand something,
You won’t understand.
With Age I wait;
Now you’re not coming. ***

How to go
Whole world;
For everyone,
The Moon is far away,
Far away,
I just,
A Lamp,
For your life,
That’s enough;
Was mine to live,
That’s enough; enough;
Is for my life..
From this lamp,
Many lamps lit up,
So it burns,
All words are fulfilled…
That’s enough,
I will, fo

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