acid on the tongue (a pseudo trilogy ) / Poem by Aprilia Zank

Poem by Aprilia Zank
acid on the tongue
– a pseudo trilogy –
I visited a friend
who was not at home
neither was he away
he was nowhere
he was a chair not sat on
he was traces of colour
on an old fence
he was words
on a few people’s tongues
at the class reunion
he was a name
on the door
of an empty house.
tonight I’ll write three poems
one about life
one about death
one about roast beef
no, don’t tell me I’m irreverent
or that my poem lacks in depth
I am the runner of truth
for, after I signed the usual petition
against inhumane livestock slaughter,
a cow died for me to live
and what will I die for?
the phone booth at the corner
is empty
I never see anyone in there and
I wonder
if the phone still works
I go inside
I want to pick up the receiver
and dial a number
but the booth smells like pee
somebody was there
must have been at night
an old man suffering from incontinence
a homeless calling it home for a couple of hours
two leaving behind post-coital stench
this phone booth has many stories to tell.

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