Love is the Beloved / Poem by Santiago Ali

Poem by Santiago Ali


Love is the Beloved 

Love leaves not alone
the beloved
It’s only Incarnation

Lovers were made only in an
Afterthought of
Earthy gods in their own image
Despots in their narcissistic Play of seeing
Their reflection in
The hearts they choose to tread upon

Love was there when a spark had enlightened a
Silk road Incensed with sweetest curves
Drowned in your own beauty all
You desired was a hand
That will take you home

Falling like a leaf love watched you in the Play of spider love with a
Stranger who cared not the rules
Of your heart when
Blazingly raged was a fire in a
garden so savage

Spring thus is that ephemeral interval
Between a foreplay
And an afterplay ; the season of the fall

It is always hand of love that will be spread under your feet when
You have to walk barefoot upon
Embers of your live thirst

And when fell the last of the spring leaves
From the half mast grandiose of
A deciduous life

A mystic warrior is peeling off his earthen
Limbs to seduce
Frozen wings of moth to a fire
Soul of water had handed over before turning in to an iceberg

Beloved! go to him and call him by your name
For he has forsaken all signs of
When love hsd cut him through his heart
Now a diamond
Go to him for
He is the road that goes back home

In love’s eternal season of Oneness
I am you
You are Him
Seed is the fruit and flowers are its thousand names

All Rights Reserved 
© Santiago 2018

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