Poems by Radhey Shyam Varshney

Poem by Radhey Shyam Varshney



In flight from Delhi to Hyderabad
Constantly looking at clouds
Over the earth under blue sky
Floating with them
At thirty thousand feet high

Are they clouds of war..?
No…not they are not
Are they clouds of smoke of any explosion..?
No….not they are
Are they clouds of poisinious pollution…?
No….not they are

They are clouds of
Love peace and friendship
They are alike pure snow
Transparent pure white in glow
Floating freely
To spread the message
Of love, peace and to be friendly

Taking the vibrations
From heart and minds of poets
and poetic fraternity
Assembling at Hyderabad
For India World Festival of Poetree
To echo their voice for peaceful humanity

To spread hope
“To Inspire, To Heal, To Awake”
People of all regions, races and culture
All humanity to bind together
In a ‘big…big…big family’
To be one
In Vasudhaiva Kutumbcam

(C)@ Radhey Shyam Varshney
13.10.2017(revised 14.10.2018)



Half of the world
Women folk
Even one half of them
If stops harressment
To their own fellow women
In family, work place, community
Treat them
With love compassion
Half of the problems
Faced by girl child
Will be resolved, solved automatically

On this International Day of Girls
Can any body/agency persuade
the women folk
To take this Vow…..
To show
Love compassion mercy
Within own women folk
To girl child,
Daughter-in-law, wife
And not to demand dowry
Hell, to make her life
To show tolerance
So that not to burn
Not to commit suicide
In domestic violence

And persuade
To stop trafficking
of innocent girls
In prostitution

Half of the problems will be resolved
Half of the problems will be solved
Against girl child
In the absence of such consolidated effort
Meaningless is this day, otherwise.

(C)@ Radhey Shyam Varshney
(Revised..reposting 2018)


God is Tired of Inhuman Misdeeds

God is tired solving multiplying complicated problems
Day and night created by inhuman misdeeds
God has deputed his power to His Nature
To teach us lesson
Through drought, cloud burst, tarnedo, flood, tsunami, climate warming
Still time to awake
Be attuned to nature
Instead of exploitative destroying

Our prayers are blocked
In between
By the layers of blacken clouds
Polluted by alround pollution
In sea, river’s water, earth, air, and sky.
On the one hand flora and fauna, His Nature,
We are destroying
And then
Nothing is impossible, by saying for His mercy, in hypocrisy we are praying

Still time to awake
Still time visualise
Only with pious deeds
Our prayers are realised.

(C) @Radhey Shyam Varshney 

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