Poems by Sudarshana Mitra

Poems by Sudarshana Mitra


In the land of Oz

Garden full of people,
I picked one,
It scratches me.
I throw that creature.

Some little fairies
Stumbled at me,
I tried to catch them,
With their wings.

Its so sharp
I cut my finger.

I ran towards the well,
No water was there,
But full of pebble,
Feel thirsty, I ran to the sea
Salt water, every drop is like.
A poison.

Looking around, I found a hut..
Small but tidy,
I entered, the lady inside was pretty,
Asked her, where I am?
She smiled and vanished.

I am scared now,
Came out and saw a horse,
I ride and it took me to
A cave, so dark!
Suddenly there was light!!!

And what it is?
Someone splashed water
On my face.

{@ Sudarshana Mitra
Copyright Reserved}


Difficult daughters

Daughters are always
Like a fairy, but when their
Wings turn black from white,
The problems crop up.

As they are loved,
So we cannot deny their wish.
And their wish become
Torturing and painful.

As their age is not matured,
They think we are as fit as
They are. Conflicts starts
And both suffers.

Dear daughters, please
Try to understand.
And don’t be so difficult.

{@ Sudarshana Mitra
Copyright Reserved}


Looking back

When I look back and
See how was days till now,
I feel everything was perfect.

Like a movie reel,
I see my childhood,
Which was full of joy and colourful.
My days in my teens, are vibrant
With full of love letters, flowers,
And praise.

My marriage was held with
Whom I loved,
And our love still going strong.

Being a mother, I was happy
Tremendously, as they were the
Best in our family.

Their marriage, was both
The times, arranged in a hurry,
Both of them were in love.

Now my grandchildren.
I think they are they best.
All grandma’s pleasure.

Now my old days are
Pleasant with all around.
One thing which is paining
Is the memory of my parents,
They are the greatest of all.

My attachment with the
Facebook and friends are
Awesome, this is my second home.

So till now life is LOVE and TOGETHERNESS.
Happy life’s journey
Sudarshana thanks you Life.

{@ Sudarshana Mitra
Copyright Reserved}


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