Shahriar Behmanesh ( Kurdistan – Iran)

Shahriar Behmanesh ( Kurdistan – Iran)
Shahriar Behmanesh is a multilingual Middle Eastern poet, born in 1960 in Kurdistan of Iran. He started writing poems since the school age mostly in Farsi language. Shahriar is the author of a short stories and hundreds of poems. Behmanesh currently lives in Los Angeles, United States of America where a huge number of his literary works are born.
Swimming in your memories.
Smiling at empty space of nowhere.
The wall clock carelessly;
Tick Tack Tick Tack
Moments been taken advantage and wasted down the drain.
At the Stage of one man show;
The velvet dark tent of my sky,
Gradually taken over by a sluggish and pale moon light.
I am jealously looking for the foot prints of a rude and noisy cricket,
Which its harsh singing song,
Erased your image particles off the curtain.
Window is dark.
Curtain is hiding behind the cold and gray despair,
Light may burst tomorrow.
Los Angeles
Here I am;
Starring at the sun fearlessly,
And planting LOVE
You careless of butterflies and the wind
Whirling at joy
Paling up my memories in depth of a coffee pot.
Day had gone by,
You had gone with the sunset.
Yet I am starring at the door awaiting the rise
My coffee sank and dried in its bitterness at the bottom of the cup.
Los Angeles
Trapped in the twilight zone of HERE and NOW.
Sweet and sower memories,
Marching to surround my heart
Dreams are wandering in the nostalgic land,
Touch of warm and burning lips,
Sweat, taste of salt and feelings of despair and rejection.
Hope and illusions as a wandering Photon of dust in the womb of sterility.
You come and go
Come and go
Come and go
Tireless of my illusions and hope,
Closing my eyes
In a glance,
You have gone with your memories.
Los Angeles

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