Come Sisters Dance / Poem by Linda B. Scanlan

Come Sisters Dance
These women
whose DNA lives in us
survivors of atrocities
braving changing winds
sisters sharing inner lives
secrets known only to themselves…..
Spilling their memories
into our bloodstream
carried to the nether reaches of our untamed wild imaginings
the coursing of plasmic determination…..
These appointed ones
muses of our hearts inspiring us
in this timely space as
spellmakers and healers…..
The matriarchs
whose tribal brethren flourished
by their strength and guidance
we are from them
My sisters!
never doubt your strength
You are awakened
groundbreakers and glass ceiling smashers
it’s your turn now
manifest your truest nature…..
Draw on their wisdom freely
tap into their energy courageously
they swirl in your orbit
dance in your reach
invite them to sit with you around the flame
collaborating and singing…..
They desire your rising
your becoming
the highest version of you…..
yet never leave Mother Gaia’s reach
garner your strength
she is there
where you land
hold tightly the hand
of your daughters
grandmothers and aunties
the circle widens….
Come sisters
©Linda B. Scanlan, 2018

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