Mystic Knots / Poem by Santiago Ali

Mystic Knots 

I love you
Truly not the way would love
An enlightened most the man who shines
like a diamond
Postitioned immaculately
In the abyssal gulf ; a depthless
emptiness crying
In the silence between earth and sky

A masterpieace of woman
Riding upon shoulders of earth’s monarch
Steps out from the heart
Of emerald

Till death do them part

When legends of fall bury deep
miracles of the spring
That once had sprouted galaxies
Of eyes from every pore and
Oozed out was the fire
OF the most coveted rain

I love you
Not in the hierarchal emanation
Of a creation
Where enslaved mortals
In their hysterical nostalgia cremate
The light of their colors

I love you in the loneliness of God
I love you in the freedom of soul

In the thirst of a river to be drowned
In the tulips of your hands
In the conscience of elements
Life thus takes its shape
In the choreography of your postures
In the day and night of
Your magic

Setting heaven on fire
And walking hands in hands through
The meadows of the hell
I love you
In the sanctity of moon scars
The silence of wolves licking their wounds
On the altar
Of hunger-devoured children with
Charred skins

I love you in the esoteric reflection
Of a narcissus eye
Who all sees is
You and I
Shy of crowd I stand not
My presence
Less of my self I am
Only You.


All Rights Reserved 
© Santiago Ali 2018


3 thoughts on “Mystic Knots / Poem by Santiago Ali

  1. Santiago Ali – this poem of yours is a moment of sanctification….it feels like an unburdening of sorts….a manifestation of a rising tempest that builds and builds…similar to a musical crescendo that takes the listener from one level to the next…. anticipation is part of the excitement….I’m thinking Ravel’s Bolero….your poem reaches higher and deeper with each verse… eyes trying to keep up with rapidly beating hearts…….

    A confession of love placed upon the altar where prayers are offered for dying children….in the loneliness of an empty sanctuary where God’s face lies hidden in the ashes of incense …..a burnt offering ….yet love remains…..

    You invite us on a journey to be unafraid of the unknown …love provides the ballast when harsh winds blow…taking ships unexpectedly into turbulent waters …. stormy seas must be sailed if destinations are to be reached even with no land in sight …. when lodestars are hidden behind night clouds …..relying on faith that benificence will guide the sailors to safe shores….love prevails….

    Santiago Ali ….you are a genius of content and construction… a master choreographer whose dance is a whirling dervish of unbound and unfettered emotions…laughing at notions of restriction….. dancing madly ….. breaking the bonds of a stubborn gravitational pull seeking to keep us stuck in place… smile and offer your hand …. inviting us to step confidently with you as you leap between worlds…..

    I find this mesmerizing

    Linda B. Scanlan

  2. This is a huge compliment from a poetess who so immaculately understands the sanctity of words when emanated from a source not so hidden yet invisible.. I am thoroughly humbled my dear friend for such an indepth insight..
    God bless you dear Linda B Scanlan.

  3. Beautiful analogy of the word Love. Yes words that stain the parchment from the Soul To the pen So much depth and inner thought went into this Poem Magnificent my dear Poet Kudos for this much love and warm wishes Rosie🌟😊😘🙏✨💫

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