Maja Herman-Sekulić ( Serbia-USA)

Maja Herman-Sekulić ( Serbia-USA)

Maja Herman-Sekulić is an internationally published Serbian-American author of 15 books. She is an acclaimed poet, popular novelist, distinguished essayist, bilingual scholar, and a major translator. She is also a Princeton Ph.D. in Comparative Literature who taught at the most prestigious universities such as Princeton, Rutgers, and was a guest lecturer at Harvard, Yale, Columbia and Iowa. Among prestigious awards and recognitions, she most recently received a special award for Affirmation of the Serbian Literature in the World.

Her novel Ma Belle, now in English translation, was just nominated for the 2018 internarnational Dublin literary award. It was also nominated in 2016 for the most prestigious Serbian literary award as were her 2 previous novels. Her Tesla biography in English Who was Nikola Tesla? The Genius who gave us Light, and her selected poems in a bilingual English-French e-edition, De La Terre de Desolation/Out of the Waste Land came out in 2015, and along with the long poem Lady of Vincha  publishedl in 2017 mark a major return to her origins in poetry.

First 3 books of her Selected Works were just published in October 2017. That coincided with the international academic conference on her opus in November of 2017. First in the series is Sketches for Portraits, a unique book of essays and conversations with major world writers she befriended. Second is Digital Galaxy, a multigenre book about the transition from Guttenberg to Digital Galaxy. Finally, there is her Poetry collection with new and selected poems. This selection is now being translated into German. A Collection of scholarly contributions based on the International academic conference on her opus held in November 2017, and a Maja Herman Sekulic’s Reader are in preparation fro publication as well as next 3 books of her Selected works.

Maja Herman Sekulić is a contributing editor for major magazines and a world traveler. Born in Belgrade, where she studied World literature, she spent last decade of the last century in the Far East and now shares her time between New York and Belgrade.

She is a member of the Serbian and American PEN, Serbian Association of Writers and American Poetry Academy.

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